Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

It's the last day of 2007....Wishing everyone a great 2008 ahead...As for myself, 2007 have been an eventful year especially for the past few month towards the end of the year. I'm hoping for a much better, smoother and joyful 2008 ahead for me. Same goes to everyone out there...take care and see ya in 2008....HAPPY NEW YEAR '08 !!!

Go Gunners Go....

Back in a shout !!! After leading the EPL as Christmas leader, Arsenal then lost the lead and drop to 2nd behind Manchester United after being shut-out by Pompey at Fratton Park for a 0-0 draw. It was the first match in the league that the Gunners have failed to score. However, their stay at 2nd position proved to be just a small hiccup as they rediscovered their form to trashed Everton at Goodison Park 4-1. I'm feeling a bit nervous before the match as the Toffees have only lost once in their last 15 matches and they have beatent he Gunners 4 times from the last 7 matches at their own stadium.

Tim Cahill scored early for Everton on the 20th min and I have to admit they control and dominate the match not allowing Arsenal's free flowing football to take place. It stayed the same until half-time. I'm a bit worried for the Gunners at that time but was relieved as they come out looking fresh and much more dangerous after the break. Within 90 seconds of the restart, they equalized through Eduardo!!! He got his second goal minutes later and Arsenal were dominating and played much better football.

Although they were reduced to 10 men when Bendtner got his marching order for his 2nd yellow card, Arsenal continue to control and add further goals through Adebayor and then Rosicky in the injury time sandwiched Mikel Arteta's straight red card. Final score Eve 1-4 Ars !!!

With MU's 1-2 lost at Upton Park to West Ham, Arsenal are back to the summit of English Premier League table as leader come 2008...hooray....Keeping my fingers crossed for this to maintain till May 08....hahahaha...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Starwalk 2007 - A Fruitful Walk

The date is 16 December 2007. That's exactly 1 week ago. The event - Starwalk 2007. I'm on my 5th year entering this walk after year 1996,1997, 1999 and most recently last year 2006. Reached Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) around 6am with still plenty on motorbike and car parking. I guessed I was early or there are many out there with the last min rushing attitude. Went to the toilet, then registered myself to get my first wristband and sat down by the road side of the Competition area. Saw my colleague with his gf, went over to them with greeting before taking my place again.
At around 655am, we were told to move towards the starting point which is just before the D'Piazza condo sales office. The race itself for Competition walkers then went off at 705am. There were so many of them running - that's cheating !!! For the first 2-3km, my lower legs were in pains, presumely due to lack of warm up and the cold weather. I just simply can't catch up although I'm trying my best but in the end, just watching others wearing black registered number (black for Men's Open category) passing me one by one. It was not long before my legs are no more feeling the strain and pain and I was able to go faster.
It was at the turn towards Tun Awang road when the 2nd wristband was distributed. At this moment, I'm moving considerate fast but there's still quite a few from the same category (1 fair chinese with prof walking style, 1 mat salleh and another darked built-up guy) managed to overtook me and leave me in their trails.
Another km passed and I'm reaching the slope going up. At this point, i'm getting more energize - feeling fresh, no 'chuan', legs not tired. It should be left only 3km to go. After coming down from the slope, I speeded up. I'm not sure how I fare but I managed to overtook more and more people from the same category. And by the time I crossed the finish line, I managed to catched up with all those that I've mentioned just now and overtook them. I feel good ;)
After getting my cert and lucky draw coupon, I made my way towards the drinks booth. No one was empty...can drink all I want !!! Wanted to take a bath, but ended up just changing my shirt. Took my camera, snap a few pics before waiting for my colleagues. Finally there are here and I waited for them to get their drinks before we went opposite PISA for breakfast !!! After filling our stomach, everyone was spliting up to go home. Not giving any hopes by them for the lucky draw, I ended up holding 10 coupons for the lucky draw!!! After waited for my last colleague to went off, I was feeling a bit sweaty and tired. At this moment, the thoughts of going back myself are getting into me.
Then my lucky charm strikes!!! As I was sitting down in PISA still thinking of staying or going back, the announcer was reading out the winners for Men's Open category and I heard "no.44 - 204". Hey, that's my number!! as my name is read out. I'm sooo happy at that moment. They haven't set up the counter for the medal redemption and I found my other group of colleagues, so I went over to sit with them. We were sitting down waiting and finally I was able to claim my medal together with a pallas shoe from sponsor and a big towel in conjunction with Starwalk 30 anniversary. Went back to my place to sit down while continue following the lucky draws. They were drawing prize no.15 and the number hit one of the coupon I'm holding !!! I quickly stand up, went over to the prize presentation stage. One of the Panasonic manager greeted me, shake hands and had our photographs taken before passing me a Panasonic Microwave Owen !!! more luck after that until the 5 grand prize motorbike.
But overall it was indeed a fruitful starwalk for me this year. I'm just paying rm12 for the competition category and ended up with a shoe (this one can throw away), a medal for a first time, a 30th anniversary towel and most importantly a microwave owen worth rm369. Hooray !!!!!!!!!!!! I was smiling all the way back home, carrying all those stuff with my motorbike - imagine that ! ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quick Lighting Fame...Hero -> Zero

OMG, just a few days after capturing the China Super Series Women's Single crown, our badminton princess Wong Mew Choo was shot back down to earth in the ongoing Hong Kong Super Series (the final league of the Super Series this calendar year). Just 5 days ago, she seems to be unstoppable playing at the highest level in women badminton when she defined the odds by beating current world champion, Zhu Lin, followed by French Open runner-up Pi HongYan before disposing Olympic champion Zhang Ning and eventually beat the World #1 Xie XinFang in 3 games to created history for Malaysian badminton. It's a fantastic win, given the fact that she has now beaten all the China top players and even sweeter when she did it in the home soil of female badminton powerhouse - China.
Too bad she can't continue her winning ways in the ongoing HK Open and was beaten in 3 games by unseeded Boonsak's sister Salakjit Ponsana. I have never heard of this Boonsak's sister before and therefore, we are all brought down to earth again...back to the reality world.
I do support Mew Choo very much, but I feel that we Malaysia women team needs to improve a lot in order to sustain the momentum to challenge China or even other women badminton powerhouse country like Korea and Indonesia just to name a few. If Mew Choo were to train with the China team, I'm very sure she can reach the summit of the ranking with her style of play and determination. Let's go girl, keep up the good work and BEST OF LUCK to other Malaysian players and squad whom are still competing in the ongoing HK super series...