Thursday, November 29, 2007

Quick Lighting Fame...Hero -> Zero

OMG, just a few days after capturing the China Super Series Women's Single crown, our badminton princess Wong Mew Choo was shot back down to earth in the ongoing Hong Kong Super Series (the final league of the Super Series this calendar year). Just 5 days ago, she seems to be unstoppable playing at the highest level in women badminton when she defined the odds by beating current world champion, Zhu Lin, followed by French Open runner-up Pi HongYan before disposing Olympic champion Zhang Ning and eventually beat the World #1 Xie XinFang in 3 games to created history for Malaysian badminton. It's a fantastic win, given the fact that she has now beaten all the China top players and even sweeter when she did it in the home soil of female badminton powerhouse - China.
Too bad she can't continue her winning ways in the ongoing HK Open and was beaten in 3 games by unseeded Boonsak's sister Salakjit Ponsana. I have never heard of this Boonsak's sister before and therefore, we are all brought down to earth again...back to the reality world.
I do support Mew Choo very much, but I feel that we Malaysia women team needs to improve a lot in order to sustain the momentum to challenge China or even other women badminton powerhouse country like Korea and Indonesia just to name a few. If Mew Choo were to train with the China team, I'm very sure she can reach the summit of the ranking with her style of play and determination. Let's go girl, keep up the good work and BEST OF LUCK to other Malaysian players and squad whom are still competing in the ongoing HK super series...