Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gong Hei Fatt Choy everyone!!!

Wishing everyone reading this a very happy, wealthly, harmonous and prosperous Chinese New Year 2008!!! May the year of Rat brings you everything well and smooth...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Run run run...KL Great Eastern Pacesetter Run 20th Jan 2008

A run to begin with for 2008. KL Great Eastern Pacesetter 30km Run. Of course I only signed up for the 20km run as I don't think I can survive 30km. It has been a while since I last participated in a marathon run. To be exact, my last run was the 2007 Penang Bridge half-marathon run dated back 24 June. Felt a bit cheated since the person that persuaded me to sign up didn't join himself. We were travelling down to KL on 19th Sat morning in 2 MPVs. There were all together 12 of us while another one will meet up with us in KL hotel. Of course we stopped by Ipoh for a nice and yummy lunch.

We reached KL almost 4pm, then head to the Tasik Perdana to collect our numbers and shirts. By the time we reached Parkroyal hotel, it was 5+pm. We quickly checked-in to our 2 person per room, take a quick shower and meet up for our dinner 630pm at Overseas Restaurant!!! Nice dinner by the way...

After dinner, we walk around the area, visiting the latest shopping complex The Pavillion, then went over to Sungei Wang Plaza before buying some bread for breakfast the next morning.

We grouped up at the hotel lobby the next morning (20th Jan) at 5am before heading towards Tasik Perdana. The picture on your left showing the decoration available from the sponsors. Our fellow gang members who are running 30km will starts at 6am while we 20km runners will starts at 630am. Me of course was a bit nervous as I can see from their look and attire that there are many professional runners for this event....scary man...

There were so many people around there at such early hours. Even the toilets are at full house. To be frank, I'm feeling excited after stopped running so long and also very sleepy.

Hehe, this is where we start. I was among the crowds at the left hand side of the picture. At 630am sharp, we were flagged off. I was at the quite front of the pack, but of course after few kilometres, started to fell behind a bit. Overall, the entire course of running was nice, since we are at one of the most high-class residential area of Malaysia of Bukit Tunku and Sri Hartamas. We ran up and down the hills. It was tough, especially for my legs. After about 15km when I have completed all the hills and were on the main road back to Tasik Perdana, my legs started to gave way. I had a serious cramp in which I have to stopped quite long for the medical assistance. The St. John helper try to massage my muscles but no avail. I can see there's a lump at my left leg as if there were worms in it moving around. After it was back to normal, I dare not run anymore, not even slow jog. Eventually, I walked the last 5km although it was very comfortable to run with flat and downhill roads ahead. What a shame...considering I was not tired and my breathing was very normal :(

Shown above is the finishing line. I was so dissapointed and moody that time that I don't really bother to raise up my hands for the photographer to capture my finishing picture. After I collected my medal, I went over to my gang for chat before going over to get my food and drinks.

Overall, it was a nice run, except for my leg cramped. We went back to hotel, checked out at around noon, before heading for our simple lunch and start our journey back to Penang. By the time I reached Pg and back to my home, it was around 6pm. There goes my long looking-forward weekend....haha!