Thursday, May 20, 2010

Education Hub for Balik Pulau ?

The Penang state government has identified a 200-acre site in Balik Pulau, to be turned into a hub for excellence in education, by inviting higher learning institutions to set up their campus.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the project for the hub was in the process of land acquisition which is expected to cost about RM100 million.

"We are discussing the prospect with investors and work is expected to start in a year or two," he told reporters after handing out contributions to religious schools in the state at Permatang Nibong here Wednesday.

Lim said the state government had discussed the setting up of higher learning institutions at the hub with two renown international higher learning institutions.

"I hope world renown Islamic universities like Al-Azhar University can set up their campus here," said Lim who handed out grants totalling RM1.75 million to 21 religious schools and Maahad Tahfiz in the state.

"The grants may not be enough to overcome their total expenditure and I hope the Federal government will also support through some form of contribution to ease their burden," he said.


Penang really running out of land...even the peaceful Balik Pulau is not spared...but hopefully this plan by the state government can bring more opportunities and better life to Penang folks :)

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