Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New postal tariff effective tomorrow

Pos Malaysia will impose a new postal tariff effective tomorrow.

In a statement today, Pos Malaysia said the tariff increase was to adjust the salary structure of the postmen and counter clerks, to be at least at par with the level obtained by government servants.

Its managing director/chief executive officer, Datuk Syed Faisal Albar, said currently, the postman's salary was 19 per cent lower than that of a government worker at the same level.

"The restructuring of the salaries will be a positive morale boost for the operations staff, improving their productivity and commitment towards providing better quality of service," he said.

Domestic postal tariff for standard mail of up to 20 gram (gm) will be at 60 sen, while those above 20 gm to 50 gm will be priced at 70 sen.

The non-standard mail pricing starts from 80 sen for up to 50 gm to RM5.50 for above one kg and two kg.

Periodical charges will start from 50 sen (up to 20 gm) to 90 sen (above 100 gm - 250 gm).

PosDokumen's tariff will be between RM1.80 for up to 500 gm and RM4.50 for those one kg to two kg.

Meanwhile, RM4 will be charged for small packet of up to one kg, while those above one kg will cost RM5.50.

For parcel of up to two kg, RM7 will be charged.

Domestic registered post will cost RM2.20, while international will cost RM4.10.

For bulk mailers, Pos Malaysia said customers will continue to enjoy the existing operational rebate, which is a maximum 13 per cent of standard mail and a maximum of 10 per cent for non-standard mail as well s PosDokumen.

A new volume-based-incentives for end-clients who contribute to the higher mail volume will also be introduced.

To enjoy the incentives, the end-clients must open an imprest account (Bulk Mail account) with Pos Malaysia and the discount will be credited to the imprest account on the second week of the following month (therefore, July’s discount will be credited on second week of August).

End-clients who are using Bulk Mailers’ imprest account to lodge their mail must ensure that their bulk mailer registers their name with Pos Malaysia and always identifies their items in the posting docket, it said.

This incentive is effective from the first day of the implementation of the new postal tariff until Dec 31, 2010.

The incentive is applicable to all products except the following: Non-Standard Mail 100g to 250g, Non-Standard Mail 250g to 500g, Non-Standard Mail 500g to 1kg and Non-Standard Mail 1kg to 2kg. - Bernama

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