Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BPL Gameweek2 Ars Results : Arsenal 6 - 0 Blackpool

Last week (1st gw), Arsenal was saved by a last minute deflection to earned the 1-1 draw with Liverpool. They didn't manage to break down Liverpool even with an extra man advantages. This week however, it was a completely different story.
Arsenal were back to their best, passing and dribbling through the park without much problem. Walcott scored a hat trick and produced Man of the Match performance. And the result? 6-0 to the Gunners !!!
My comment on the match...Walcott and Arshavin are so good in terrorising the Blackpool defence, Chamakh was a constant treat and Rosicky, Wilshere together with Diaby was pulling all the strings from the midfield. The defence were solid and Song looks comfortable at the central defender slot in a rather untroubled defence.

My overall comment going forward...Arsenal needs to build on from this game, we will have Fabregas and Van Persie back to the starting line up, the midfield needs to cover the defenders nicely while both wings need to continue to supply the attackers for goals. I'm backing you all....!!! Gunners go go go !!!

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