Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Merdeka Parade @ Esplanade : 31st Aug 2010

Merdeka Parade
Date: 31st Aug 2010
Time: 8am to 11.30am
Venue: Esplanade

The National Day of our beloved motherland, Malaysia, is celebrated every 31st August since the year 1957 and this year we are proud to be of 53 years of independence. Independence, or Merdeka, as we call it is a united occasion celebrated by all Malaysians of our multi-cultural national races by displaying the flag of Malaysia at our homes, public monuments, corporate buildings and vehicles as a gesture of love and support for our country.

For this National Day the place to be is at Esplanade where rows of soldiers in their majestic uniforms stand at attention for a formal inspection by the honorary guests.

There will be a Flag ceremony and follow by school brass bands, the armed forces, government offices, NGOs and private corporations parade in their rich and colourful attires.

Feeling free this coming Merdeka morning? Have the energy and wanted to show some national patriotic? Then you should head on to Esplanade for the Parade with your friends, family or kids...I'm wondering when was the last time I attended a parade...hmm...

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