Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All-Star National Chingay Competition : 18th Dec 2010

Date: 18th Dec 2010
Venue: City Hall, Esplanade
Time: 7pm to 11pm
Entrance: FREE admission

The All-Star National Chingay Championship was a definite crowd puller last year 2009, as seven chingay teams including two teams from Kedah and Perak took up the challenge to have a battle of stunts for the championship title. The teams showed off their skills from basic stunts followed by high-skilled action.

This year, you can Look forward to see 9 teams Chingay star contestants from Sarawak, Perak, 2 teams from Kedah, and 5 teams from Penang showing off their creativity, flexibility and superb skills with stunts in balancing the towering flag poles on their fingers, foreheads, shoulders and teeth.

The teams will be given a time duration of 8-minutes to perform for the crowd and judges. The participating teams will be judged based on their discipline, their uniform, team spirit, skill stunts and overall performance. The results were given on score cards by each judge and were then tabulated for an average result which determined the results of each team.

Come and witness this stunning competition by the best Chingay masters. It is a competition of balancing giant flags with outstanding acrobatic stunts.

Penang State Tourism Developement & Culture organize this 2nd year National Chingay Championship.

They are into their 2nd year, and they need everyone's support to make this event more successful and more grand...so be there!

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