Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Swing Bridge over Prai River

The RM100mil swing bridge over the Prai River would replace the existing swing bridge located about 100m away which was built in 1964.

The existing swing bridge will be dismantled after the new one is completed and operational.

The new swing bridge will have a double track railway line compared to the existing one which has a single railway track.

The existing bridge has reached a service life of 46 years, without having been subjected to major repairs and maintenance.

A swing bridge is a type of movable bridge, which is swung open by swivelling on a horizontal deck to allow tall boats and vessels to pass.

The moveable part of the bridge is known as the swing span, which has two arms extending from the swivel to each side of the navigation channel.

When the bridge swings open, it moves horizontally and opens two separate channels on either side of the central swivel.

While closed, a swing bridge allows traffic to pass across a body of water.

When a boat needs to pass, motors located within the bridge rotate the swing span 90 degrees horizontally to the open position. swinging special!

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