Monday, January 17, 2011

A change for the good @ Carnarvon Street

Motorist who are stuck in a jam during peak hours along Carnarvon Street can now enjoy a scenery of green trees to sooth their nerves as the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) has given the street a new look.

The green pilot project saw the planting of 60 trees along the road and it was implemented in conjunction with the second anniversary of George Town’s listing as Unesco World Heritage Site.

An MPPP spokesperson said a total of RM101,604 was spent on the project, with RM75,144 of the total cost funded by Kha-zanah Nasional Berhad through its subsidiary Think City Sdn Bhd for the purchase of trees.

“The remaining RM26,460 was funded by MPPP for the purchase of materials,” he said.

He said four types of jungle species — Garcenia cova, Sterculia parvifolia, Syzygium syzygoides and Sindora coriacea — were selected among the 11 types proposed by the landscape consultant Sek San Design that was appointed by Think City Sdn Bhd.

“We planted 15 trees of each type respectively,” he said.

“The selection of trees was also in accordance with our aim to alleviate heat and add colour and fragrance to the city.

“It is also our objective to calm down road users in inner city roads as the greenery can be soothing. We also want to support the use of local flora,” he said.

He added that beautification work along the street started on Dec 17.

Parti Cinta Malaysia action team chief Tham Weng Fatt, in a statement, gave the beautification work a thumbs-up.

“This is a great move. They should also light up the road with colourful bulbs.

“I hope they will water the plants daily and repair the damaged road divider along Carnarvon Street.

“They should also bring up the concrete road divider height to 30.5cm to prevent motorcyclists from going over the divider,” he said.

This is a very good idea and implementation. I really hope that the council will continue to do the maintenance and care for the green plants there. After all, it's always so hot when travelling along that road. Hopefully this will be a thing in the past in few years' time.

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