Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 11-1-11 everyone :)

Today, Tuesday, it is 11111.

That is, the 11th day of January in the year 2011, or 11/1/11.

On January 1, it was 1111 or first day of January 2011 or 1/1/11.

On the first day of November, it will also be 11111 or 1/11/11 and on the 11th of November, it will be another 1 added on to make it 111111 or 11/11/11.

When will the next such thing happen? Perhaps on the second day of February 2022 - 2222 or 2/2/22.


Hmm, i was thinking we had a lot of special dates in recent years....few years back it was 7/7/07 until 10/10/10...but just like what's been mentioned above, after 12/12/12....we need to wait until 2022 already :)

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HL said...

Happy 11111 !! ^_^