Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 tips to manage your credit card debt

Here's something I read from the Star yesterday that I found to be quite useful to control our credit card spending. At least I myself practised some of the ways ...

The following are 10 simple, less-dramatic ways to manage your credit card debt:

1. Credit card freeze (not literally)

2. Waive the annual service charge

3. Minimise credit card usage or use it as a last resort

4. Pay bills on time and in full

5. Take advantage of offers

6. Don’t let your points expire

7. Reduce the number of supplementaries

8. Reduce the number of cards held

9. Use a debit card or cash (don’t use credit financing)

10. Don’t spend – if you don’t need to

Hopefully readers out there find this steps useful as much as I do! Spend wisely and manage our wealth wisely !

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