Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Astro revises subscription rates AGAIN !!!

See what you get when they are the sole satelite tv provider? You get price increase over and over again !!!

Astro is revising the pricing of its television subscription packages in view of the increase in the cost of global and local contents, coupled with the rise in operational costs.

Tan cited sports which contribute to one third of Astro’s content costs as an example. According to him, the Barclay’s Premier League has raised its prices by 10 times from 2004 to now. “And that is only one of the content providers, every major sporting content provider has increased the same,” said Tan.

Beginning July 11, subscribers will revise some of its packages. Tan said the increases will be dependent upon individual subscription packages. There are some packages that have increased while others decreased.

Depending on the customer’s choice of packages, some customers may experience an increase ranging from RM1 to RM15 per month as well as enjoy savings ranging from RM4 to RM14.95 per month in their subscription. Some packages will retain the same pricing, such as the family pack, which will remain unchanged at RM37.95 per month.

In conjunction with the new pricing scheme, Astro will also launch new packages that include high definition and personal video recording services.

Tan said this is to offer customers value for their money. These packages range from RM125 to RM155 depending on the chosen pack.

The television network service has currently close to three million subscribers, and this number is slowly increasing, with a rise in demand for vernacular content.

They can give all sorts of reason, but what I do know is that their profits are gaining more and about equal playing rights ! For good sake, the government should consider giving more licenses for satelite provider...

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