Tuesday, July 8, 2014

World Cup 2014 SemiFinal #1 : Brazil vs Germany

Wow ! Final 4 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. 2 more semi finals, followed by the 3rd placing match and finally the one to decide who will be crown the new FIFA world cup winner 2014! 

I'm really having goosebumps! All remaining 4 matches will be during the wee hours of Malaysia time at 4am...I really wish I can wake up and watch all the 4 remaining matches, but not sure how my weak body can cope...

Anyway, first semi final match is tonight, with host Brazil vs Germany, the team so similar to Spain 4 years ago. Brazil as always, needed not much introduction anymore as they all well famous with they style, skills and stars. The only disadvantages are their star man Neymar has been ruled out of the tournament while captain Thiago Silva will be suspended. Well, never under-estimate Brazil, never count out the host and never say never! Germany on the other hand, is the hot favourite heading into this match tonight. Even local radio station this morning was discussing this match and all the callers dialling in were saying Germany will win hands down. For me, I dare not predict who will win, or I shall say it's so hard for me to say...may the best team win with no bias refereeing and no ugly tackling!

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