Friday, July 30, 2010

Best Memories on FOOD we had...gonna miss all these...

My time with my current company will finally come to a close. The chapter will ends, as today will be my last day here in this company with my fellow colleagues. The thing I will be and shall be missing the most ? Of course will be the food we had together...let's run down the selected list:

*ps: the sequence doesn't represent the favourite food, just random arrangement :)

1. Sungai Ara spicy and sour fish meat beehoon.

2. Greenlane Ar Kuan roasted pork rice.

3. Batu Lanchang Pasembur.

4. Sri Weld Nasi Lemak.

5. Pengkalan Kota Mee Sotong.

6. Waterfall Road Fruit Ice

7. Macallum Street Fried Sago.

8. Free School Road Fried Yam

9. Genting Cafe Chee Cheung Fun.

10. Ar Leng Char Koay Teow.

11. Burmah Road Nasi Kandar - banjir banjir !!!

I'm sure if my lunch mates see this list, sure it will bring back the good eating memories...hopefully sometimes in the future we can go enjoy these food again...


HL said...

don worry, u guys can always gather n enjoy the food =)

BH said...

But not anymore during lunchtime :(