Friday, May 30, 2014

Berjaya Times Square: Unlock in 60 Seconds

Unlike traditional vaults that were built in the basement, Berjaya Times Square’s vault is located at Ground Floor Central and the sleek finishing drives shoppers into a frenzy to live out their fantasy by playing a secret agent destined to unlock the unbreakable. Built to replicate some of the most sophisticated and modern bank vaults in the world, the attraction comes with a built in timer that keeps count of the 60 precious seconds which one is allowed in the vault, and an LED panel which displays the total prize money to be won.

To participate via the redemption programme*, shoppers have to spend RM200 in no more than 2 receipts of the same day to redeem an entry for 60 seconds in the vault. Upon gaining access, the outer cache contains numerous keys and one has to search for the correct key to unlock the vault. To kick up the excitement, the prize money of RM200 snowballs on a daily basis until it is retrieved from the vault! Once the prize money is won, the prize resets to RM200 for the next day and shoppers who qualify for the redemption on the same day will receive a mystery gift as a token of appreciation.

Campaign Period: 26th May 2014 - 21st September 2014

This is interesting! If you happens to shop >rm200 there, why not???

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