Friday, February 13, 2009

Reading....Just read!

Ever wonder why the government always and keeps on encouraging people to read more? In fact, I really do agreed that more reading is better than many other things such as shopping, playing computer games or even watching television. The more you read, the more you equip yourself with better knowledge of your surrounding environment and things or people happening around you. It doesn't have to be just novel books or comics, but rather anything that you can get hold of!!!

For example, I hardly read novel or story books (comics included). In today's society, Internet has become so important that you can grab hold of basically anything with the power of online and Internet. Nowadays my gf asked me how can I online so long, is it because I'm doing online chat with friends. The answer is NO. Let me share a bit on what I read online. For news, I have 3 news portal to visit. Although I do not read everything, what I did was to glance through the header news everyday. Then also I visits a financial news portal as well as 3 financial blogs by local Malaysians. Some of the item posted are based on the blogger' view, but I really learned a lot from there. After that of course I have a few of my sports (soccer, badminton, tennis, formula1, motogp etc) website that I visited and get the latest updates. Not also forgetting some general forums, a property blog as well as Dr. M's blog.
So, reading really does helps us a lot. You will get to know many things even though you just stay at your comfort home. Remember, reading also helps us to have much better understanding and common topics when it comes to socializing with friends or family members. So what are you waiting for?

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