Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Soooo Blur in Penang...

As I was walking out for lunch today afternoon, I noticed that the visibility to the surrounding has decrease dramatically. Seems like there's open burning somewhere nearby. I didn't pay much attention to it after that since me and my colleagues are discussing where to eat and also to try my colleague's brand new car. It's Nissan Latio by the way :)
After my training today and all the work were done, I managed to free myself to online awhile and read some e-newspaper. It was then only I saw a new article to report that the haze that I saw in the afternoon was due to the open burning in Sumatra. No wonder la....
Below were part of the news cut courtesy from NST Online 11th Feb 09:

Haze has descended on Penang, limiting visibility in three areas to between four to seven kilometres.

A Meterological Department spokesman here attributed the haze to open burning in Sumatra, Indonesia. He said as of 11am today, the Air Pollutant Index (API) at Seberang Jaya stood at 72 with visibility of four kilometres followernama here today.The API for unhealthy air quality is over 100.He said the haze in Penang was fair and not cause for worry as it would change when winds blow, forming clouds, resulting in rainfall.

The public have been advised against open burning as it would worsen the haze, despite the fair API.


Anonymous said...

oii....apa ni...promote brand new car enough ler...somemore stress the model?! aishh =P

BH said... time I will put the plate no. as well :p

Anonymous said...

oii...not next time. it should be NOT anytime also...bwekk