Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spansion names CEO, linked with Micron

It's been a wild week for Spansion Inc. The NOR-flash leader Wednesday (Feb. 4) named John Kispert, former president and COO of KLA-Tencor Corp., as its new chief executive and member of the board. He replaces Bertrand Cambou, who stepped down earlier this week.

Now, rumors are running rampant that Micron Technology Inc. is looking at buying Spansion (Sunnyvale, Calif.), sources said. Micron is a major player in NAND flash, DRAM and CMOS image sensors, but it has no presence in NOR.

''Micron could use the manufacturing facilities, IP, and perhaps try to sustain some of the NOR/NROM/EcoRAM markets that Spansion created,'' according to one analyst. Spansion's NOR devices are based on NROM technology. Last year, Spansion rolled out a new class of memory that is said to replace DRAMs in the datacenter, dubbed EcoRAM.

Micron declined to comment.

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