Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's the king of fruits season!

The durian season is back !!! In Penang, i'm sure you will notice there are many durian stalls along the roadside everywhere near the market, pasar malam or even along some busy streets. Then again, the seller will try to recommend to you all those famous 'brands' which comes with a dearer price tag.

Basically, Pg is being promoted as a durian hunting destination among other states in our country, hence, no wonder there're price hike for the durians here. At this moment, a D2 brand or a "Ang Hea" can cost you up to rm20 per fruit, so if you wanna enjoy cheaper and nice durian in Penang, then you will have to be patience and wait for the durian season to reach mid-season.

Bear in mind that while most of us are durian lovers, they are...very heaty indeed. Many people fall sicks after having a durian feast, so make sure you drink plenty of salt waters or any other food (such as herbal tea, 'cold' fruits) to reduce the heat in our body. Also please take note of the smells from our mouth after the durian session, you don't want to have situation like in the comic I attached from Kee's World to happen to you!

Happy durian hunting yea to everyone out there! :)


HL said...

Oh the comic is great :p Make sure that you drink plenty of water, because not only durians, also rambutans :-D

BH said...

Haha...will take care of my food intakes...Had enough of new pimples on my face :P

HL said...

>.< now only u know ar ?