Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a weird Saturday... should i say...or where should I begin from. Well, Saturday is normally a sport activities day for me with my regular hiking and badminton but today I just felt so weird. Reason: no sport activity at all today!!!

At every other Saturday, my day will begins with Pg Hill hike in the morning and then rest back at home before badminton session in the evening. Somehow, because of the Malakoff Run I'm joining tomorrow, therefore today have to rest my legs and body. It was just an usual early morning for me, going off to pay and take my running vest at Youth Park (now known as Taman
Perbandaran) and then went to Citibank to pay my credit card bill.

After lunch at home, I just stay lazy with my newspaper and took a short nap before heading to PISA with my gf for the HomeDec exhibition. Boy, it was crowded with lotsa people! Well, as expected, I'm a bit disappointed with it as what's on showed and displayed are mostly targeting high earners. So ended up didn't really see anything. It's ok, I just tell myself it was just a normal outing spending time with my gf. Indeed, we just love each other's company :)

After dropping off my gf, I went back to home, then rest while watching the final 2 sets of the Federer-Del Porto semi finals (I watched the first 3 sets of the 5 set thrillers yesterday, then can't open my eyes anymore and went to sleep at 130am). Not forgetting my dinner and watching the F1 qualifying live (Vettel on pole for tomorrow's Turkish GP). As of now, it's the women's single final between Safina and Kuznetsova.

Another thing is, normally Saturday night is football night, but with FA Cup finals on last Saturday, today is the first Sat without live football on TV until August when the English Premier League starts back. I'm going to go to bed soon (hopefully can sleep) coz I need to wake up 4+am tomorrow for my 530am race. Pray hard and fingers crossed for me to be able to finish the race in 3 hours and not getting any serious cramp. Till the next time, cya on this weird Sat...


HL said...

you need a good rest too sometime although you don't have marathon ok?

BH said...

Haha...correct....i always sleep a lot :)