Monday, June 8, 2009

POST Penang Malakoff 26km Run 2009

Hmm...this was not an intended run for me. In fact, I only made up my mind few days before the registration closed that I'll be joining the run. The Penang Malakoff 26km it's in the 2nd year running and I have heard much before this from my fellow kaki's comment about the race. 26km is definitely tough for me as I have never joined anything beyond half-marathon before. To me, the reason I join is just to test out myself after 6+ months without running >10km. I had only 1 wish for the race, that is to complete the race in 3 hours without getting any serious cramps!

So fast time flies, the race is come and gone. Without realizing it, I had already completed the race yesterday morning! I do not have the official time yet, but I hit slightly over 3 hours due to walking instead of running for the good last ~8km of the race. My legs this time did not have any serious cramps, just some slight muscle pulling after running for about 17km. At that moment, I remembered that I promised my gf not to push myself too hard and ended up cramping and suffering all the way to the finish line if I keep on running with more cramps developing, so I just stop and walk all the way till the end :) I'm quite OK with myself for this run, even though I wish I could run all the way...haha.

So, here are some comments about the race and organizer from my own point of view:

1. Lack of manpower; No people giving direction or co-ordinating the traffics as most of the running had to "self-service" when crossing the roads.

2. Short of sponsors; Only drinking water along the way even though there were 5 drinking stations for 26km runners. At the finishing line, we were only served with watermelons, a pack of fried mee/nasi lemak and a bowl of dessert and then far at the parking lots were Milo and cornflakes. That's it???

3. I noticed there aren't any official to guide the runners after the finishing line. You are just about to help yourself with the food and then quietly go off. No official announcements for race ends or prize giving ceremony.

4. What a bad luck I had. When i reached the finishing line, like every other runners, we were handed a pack of stuff which includes our medal, a pack of sweets and some vitamin pills together with food coupon. I didn't check most of the stuff until I reached home, then only I realized that my medal was printed with "6km" finisher instead of 26km!!! I quickly text messaged one of my friend to confirm, and he said his medal was all right. what my friend said "Run so hard, but get the wrong medal in the end!" !@#$%^&*


HL said...

Is there any button to click like ? just like the facebook. Do hope that the organiser will improve next year

BH said...

Haha...then u have to contact google :p

Andrew said...

U can contact Pacesetter. They are very friendly, I believe they will act on it to change the medal for u.