Monday, June 22, 2009

A very hazy Penang

I was thinking that last week's haze is very serious, but I was wrong. The fact is, I'm waking up to the new week today with much more serious haze. It was early of the day when I set myself out to office and I could see that the situation is even worse than last Friday, Saturday or even Sunday.

To make matter worse, with the hazy days, it was merely early of the day that everyone in the office are already feeling the 'hot' in the environment as if the air-conditioning is not working !!! There was a heavy downpour during lunch time, but it was at the town area (Perak road there) and none in Bayan Lepas area even though we could see dark clouds and skies above us.

Hopefully the haze will faster go away, hot days will go too because I'm seeing more and more people getting sick and uneasy with cough being heard everywhere...


HL said...

Drink plenty of water and cut down outdoor activities might help us to prevent being sick, especially during this local fruits season and haze is everywhere :p

BH said...

Hahaha...local fruits can control...but food n fruits at my house cannot control tempting :p