Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are you being caught?

It was No Plastic Bag day yesterday, the very first Monday in the month of July in Penang. There are many retailers participating in this meaningful event to reduce the usage of plastic bag. However, not many are fine with the move. I'm sure each and everyone out there had been so used to the use of plastic in basically everything. Hence, when this plan executed yesterday, many were caught red handed. I was reading the news and saw a report that a cashier in one of the big supermarket was scolded by a customer for not providing plastic bag. Poor cashier, the fella is just taking orders and doing the job to save the environment. Shame on the customer...cheh cheh cheh!


HL said...

How come the customer scolded the cashier ? Shame shame shame .. in fact the cashier should ask the customer to go bek n read the newspaper :p

BH said...

Haha...some ppl are like that...they think they are always right and others should serve and bound to them....biadab!