Monday, July 20, 2009

Penang covered in haze AGAIN !

Penangites woke up to a thick cloud of haze hanging over the island with several landmarks disappearing from view till about 11am.

Motorists travelling along the Bayan Lepas Expressway yesterday said they could not see the middle span of the Penang Bridge and the buildings on the mainland.
Visibility dropped to 1km in Butterworth and Prai from 7am but it improved to 5km at 2pm. On Penang Bridge, visibility was 4km at 7am but cleared up by 2pm after a brief shower at about 11am.

A Meteorological Department spokesman said the hazy spell in Penang was caused by 60 hotspots in Sumatra.

As at 5pm yesterday, Kuala Selangor, Port Klang and Seberang Prai in Penang are among those that recorded the worst air quality in the country. The Department of Environment’s (DOE) website showed that 79% of the country recorded ‘moderate’ status in covering 38 places.

About 4% of the country recorded ‘unhealthy’ levels in two areas while 16% of the country was in the green ‘good’ status.
Haizzz...why always haze...I also cannot remember how many times I have talked about haze. Whenever there are rains, all clear but after a few days, we are back to the same problem....


HL said...

qno solution at all after all these years .. Haze is always our problem !!

BH said...

Live with it...