Friday, May 8, 2009

9th Finance Asia's Poll: Best Managed Malaysia Companies

This is the poll result from FinanceAsia's ninth annual poll of Asia's top companies. The votes were collected from 238 investors and analysts across the region. The result are kind of more or less expected if you do monitor finance and business news here in Malaysia, but it was still a good one to share out:

Best managed company Votes
1)Public Bank 36
2)CIMB 28
3)IOI Corp 15
4)YTL 12
5)Axiata (TMI) 11
6)Digi 10
7)SP Setia 9
8)Genting 8
9)Media Prima 7

Best corporate governance Votes
1)Public Bank 32
2)CIMB 23
3)Digi 14
4)Genting 13
5)Sime Darby 12
6)BAT Malaysia 9
7)IOI Corp 8

Best investor relations Votes
1)CIMB 27
2)Public Bank 22
3)Digi 21
4)BAT Malaysia 12
5)IOI Corp 10
6)Sime Darby 9

Best corporate social responsibility Votes
1)Sime Darby 27
2)Public Bank 24
3)CIMB 20
4)SP Setia 15
5)Digi 12
6)Axiata (TMI) 10
7)Genting 7

Most committed to a strong dividend policy Votes
1)BAT Malaysia 29
2)Public Bank 27
3)Digi 26
4)Sime Darby 10
5)IOI Corp 7

Best mid-cap Votes
1)SP Setia 19
2)IJM 9


HL said...

Seems that public bank n CIMB always in the list

BH said...

Haha...ya ya...that's the reason also why their share price is so expensive and high :)