Friday, May 22, 2009

Makeover for our Penang Icon : KOMTAR

I'm sure most of us in Penang will went pass Komtar at regularly in our daily lives and activities. Recently, did you noticed the heavy construction there at the empty lot in front of Pacific Supermarket? I'm sure you won't miss it since the project is so huge that it took quite a length of times to complete it. Well, here it month you will see a brand new draw over there...The Komtar Walk!

PENANG’s most famous landmark the 65-storey Komtar is set to regain its place as a premier attraction on the island with a new draw - the RM10mil Komtar Walk, which is expected to be ready by next month.

Shedding its image of neglect, the Komtar complex would be buzzing with locals and tourists alike once the project dubbed the “One-Stop Dinning Place” opens its doors.

Komtar Walk, which covers a 155m-long stretch parallel to Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, is a food and beverage hub being developed by Pacific Hypermarket & Department Store Sdn Bhd.

The attraction is expected to create a spinover of activities in the heart of George Town by linking Upper Penang Roa (the state’s clubbing central) and Prangin Mall.

The company’s design manager Ooi Wooi Yaw said Komtar Walk’s layout was designed to be a breezy, hip and happening relaxation spot for Penangites and visitors to unwind.

“It’s mostly open-air to allow for a lot of wind flow but the Walk will also have a lightweight roof supported by contemporary steel structures to protect visitors from the rain and sun.

“The roof itself will be state-of-the-art with tiny LED lights embedded and the portion leading up to the new Komtar en-trance will be higher (than the rest of the roof) towering 15m above the ground,” Ooi said.

He added that out of the 19 new outlets, five single-storey ones will stand in a single structure at the foot of the overhead bridge facing the outdoor carpark.

Hmm...let's hope this Komtar Walk will really bring back the shine to our state icon. Of course let's also hope the management will keep the place in check to keep on attracting people there...


HL said...

Komtar used to be our Penang icon, in my childhood memory; but after 10-15 yrs, it is no longer famous here. If you are talking about shopping, most people will go for Queensbay Mall, Gurney, but no longer Komtar. Really hope that this Komtar walk will bring back our oldtime memories and make it shine !!

ck lam said...

Great blog you have here. It's nice of you highlighting this topic. Just like HL, I really hope this project will bring back the shine and glory to this icon of Penang.

BH said...

HL: Ya, KOMTAR is really icon of Penang. Still remember during my kiddie days where I keep on yearning to go Komtar. Hahaha...down memory lane :)

CK: Thanks for the compliment, my blog focus a lot of Penang news since I'm from Penang ma :p Let's hope Komtar can return to the old glory days...