Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Botanical Garden new attraction: Tram Ride!

If you happened to visit our Penang Botanic Garden recently, did you notice there's a new attraction there? Well, apparently while I was coming down from my weekly hike from Penang Hill last Saturday, upon reaching the bottom of the hill (using the tar road beside the Botanic Garden), straight away I noticed there is a new tram in the garden. This tram is exactly the same we see in Taiping Zoo or even Disneyland HK to ferry tourist around the garden for those who are lazy to walk or have difficulties to travel around the garden but still wish to tour around. Turned out that this is the new move by the state government to promote the garden and boost up tourism in the state. Good move!!! Read the article below from The Star:

IF all goes well, the Penang Botanic Gardens will soon have a new attraction - an environmental-friendly mini-tram to take people for a ride around the green enclave.

Tram operator Richard Wong told The Star that four mini trams would run at the oldest botanical garden in the country from Wed-nesday for a month-long “trial run”.

It is learnt that the tram ride will be launched by state Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Danny Law on tomorrow.

Children having a feel of the tram.

“If public response is good, we may continue operating at the garden on a profit-sharing basis with the state. It is still pending discussions,” Wong, who is the managing director and chairman of Aqua Bike Malaysia, said.

“The trams can ferry a total of 100 passengers if all are running at the same time. Two of the trams have been specially decorated with orchid motives for the Penang Floral Fest.

“This will be the first tram ride in the Botanic Gardens since the garden was opened in 1884. We are expecting a lot of visitors,” he said, assuring the public that the trams would not pollute the surroundings.

“It travels very slowly. In fact, people will probably be zipping past it.

“The 1,300cc engine runs on unleaded petrol. The head of the tram is imported from Japan and the coach is made locally.

A family of tourists from Thailand admiring the tram during the Floral Fest.

“The tram is small and will only occupy one-third of the path so there will be plenty of walking space for visitors,” he said.

The company also operates the tram service at the Taiping Zoo and Sungkai hot water springs resort in Perak and the Terengganu Museum and Islamic Civilisation Park in Kuala Terengganu.

Botanic Gardens agriculture assistant officer Ahmad Razali said the trams were brought in for the upcoming Floral Fest from May 31 to June 7.

“We hope the public will come and enjoy the trams as part of the whole Floral Fest experience.

“The rides will be available from 8am until 9pm daily.

“We will set up a booth where visitors can purchase the tickets for the rides,” he said, adding that the rides would cost RM1 (adults) and 50 sen (kids).

The 1.5km trip will take between 15-20 minutes.


HL said...

Good one, I have tried it during my Taiping Zoo trip ..

BH said...

Hehe...that one need to pay? This one need to pay wor...
Seriously, if you can walk and not tired, then should give our legs some exercise !

HL said...

We walk to see all the animals, then after finished the whole Zoo, we wait for the tram and have a tram walk :-D I think we pay rm2 ??forgot already :p

BH said...

Then this one is cheaper...maybe less things to see compared to Taiping Zoo...