Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Rice Dumpling Festival 2009

It's dumpling day today!!! Wishing everyone Happy Dumpling Festival !!! For a record, I had dumplings for my breakfast, lunch and! Even I myself couldn't really believe that I actually had dumplings for my 3 meals today. Wuahhahahaha. In fact, I had dumplings much earlier this year since last weekend even though the actual day is today since my sister was back during last weekend helping my mom to make the dumplings. Me? Of course I had the easiest job on hand, that is to eat and clear the food !!! Hehe.

Some general info on the Dumpling Festival :

On the 5th day of the 5th month in the Lunar calendar, it has been a tradition for the Chinese to celebrate and enjoy the “Rice Dumpling Festival”. Also known as “Dragon Boat Festival”. This year, the Festival falls on 28 May 2009.

The pyramid-shape dumplings are made from glutinous rice with savoury fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves. Lest one thinks that rice dumplings are boring and ordinary, somehow through the years, due to the ingenuity of chefs, the traditional rice dumplings have evolved to become gourmet dumplings comprising unique ingredients that diners will certainly enjoy.

Every year, new creations are added on and of course, all these variations of rice dumplings promise to tantalise different taste buds.


HL said...

Now u know ur job is juz to eat ar ? :p next yr must help out ok ? blek .. I am still waiting for my vege zhang kuk ..

BH said... eat eat...that's my special job...not easy ok? :p

HL said...

Aiyoyoyo ..yea yea .. I have ate my favourite dumpling liao !!