Friday, June 6, 2014

"Sketches of Memories -- Penang" (HK, Taiwan artists sketch Penang heritage)

Brought together by a mutual love for art and heritage, six artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong are exhibiting their artistic interpretations of George Town's vibrant cityscape until June 23.

Titled Sketches of Memories -- Penang, 15 framed artworks, completed when the artists visited Penang last year, are on display.

The exhibition also included several books containing sketches of George Town.

A collaboration between the George Town World Heritage Inc (GTWHI) and Mugong Living Merchant House of Taiwan, the exhibition showcases the extraordinary view of Penang's state capital through the artists' eyes.

Mugong Living Merchant House co-owner Sujata Ng said the artists were touched by the similarities of George Town and the towns in Taiwan before development changed the face of the landscape there.

"The artists were keen to visit Penang, particularly George Town, when we shared our experiences about Penang in Taiwan.


"They were glad to see that much of Penang reminded them of the Taiwan of old," said Johor-born Ng, who lived in Penang for two decades, before leaving for Taiwan two years ago.

"Definitely a lot of Penang has also changed over the last decade but fortunately George Town has retained much of its heritage and maintained its buildings and landscape," said Ng who co-owns the Mugong House with her husband.

GTWHI public relations manager Jack Ong agreed that the skyline in Penang has changed but its living heritage has continued to thrive and survive to this day.

"Penang has preserved and maintained much of its eclectic-styled buildings, colonial mansions, shrines, temples, mosques, pre-war houses built over generations besides its exquisite food, unique cultural traditions and festivities.

"George Town is an example of a true living heritage worthy of a Unesco World Heritage Site citation," he said.

Ong added that he found it meaningful to participate in something artistic.

"There is always an element of personal expression. Each artwork on display is a testament of the artist's fondness and interest in George Town," he said.

Guest-of-honour, Air Itam assemblyman Wong Hon Wai, said more and more people were contributing to the growing art scene in Penang.

"The vibrant art scene in Penang reflects the interest of people from around the world in our city's culture and heritage.

"We must welcome the ideal of cultural exchange, bringing together artists and art from different social, cultural and ethnic background to create opportunities for cultural expression," he said.

Wong added that Penang was now the cultural forefront in terms of the art, cultural and creative industries.
"In Penang, arts and heritage really matter. Art and heritage are at the very heart of George Town.

"They form part of the discourse of our way of life," he said.

The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and closed during lunch time between 1pm and 2pm from Monday to Thursday and between 12.15pm and 2.45pm on Friday.

For details, call 04-261 6606.

This is so nice, go and pay a visit if you have time and the love of art. So meaningful and interesting!

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