Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Song about 'Malaysia Chabor' goes viral

Joyce Chu, the 17-year-old YouTube singing sensation from Johor Baru, is making waves on Internet with her catchy hit Malaysia Chabor(Malaysian girl).
Just a week after it was uploaded, the song has gone viral, generating a staggering 2.3 million views with steadily climbing numbers.
In the song, written and composed by rapper-songwriter Namewee, Joyce tells viewers that she is a "Malaysian Chabor" and not Korean, as many have assumed her to be.
"I'm from JB, a place near Singapore. I'm a true Malaysian girl. I know kimchi tastes delicious, but my favourite is cendol and keropok," she proudly sings while playing the ukulele.

She also pokes fun at the idea of plastic surgery, a popular trend in South Korea, and takes a light-hearted jab at those who accuse her of going under the knife.
"Thank you for 'following' me day and night, although I know you're actually criticising me. About my face, nose, chin, eyes and dimples, everything is fake including my ears," Joyce chirps.

Very cute lyrics and interesting song....nice! Another namewee creation :)
Watch the video here:

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