Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The STAR: Win With Words

How To Participate

1. Cut and collect original letters printed daily in The Star.
* Please use ONLY ORIGINAL LETTERS as well as ORIGINAL ENTRY FORMS printed in The Star. Photocopies of any kind will be disqualified.

2. Complete English words by sticking the letters on to original Entry Forms for each series.
The first letter is provided & distinct for each series. Just complete 3 different words by sticking the remaining letters needed in the boxes provided. You MUST complete all 3 words in each entry form.

3. Write down the TOTAL POINTS.
Including the points from the 1st letter already provided.

4. Accumulate as many complete entry forms as possible to be the highest scorer.
  • You are recommended to stick each entry form on a separate paper/cardboard.
  • Count the TOTAL ENTRY FORMS and GRAND TOTAL POINTS from all your entry forms.
  • Write both TOTALS on a piece of paper and submit together in 1 envelope.
  • Send in via any method that will ensure delivery within the deadline of each series.

Send MORE entries in 1 envelope to get HIGHER points.
For Hong Leong Bank customers, get extra 100 when you open a deposit account with RM1,000.

Contest Weeks:
  1. Series 1: from 23/06 to 06/07/14. The closing date of submission is 06/07/14.
  2. Series 2: from 07/07 to 20/07/14. The closing date of submission is 20/07/14.
  3. Series 3: from 21/07 to 03/08/14. The closing date of submission is 03/08/14.
  4. Series 4: from 04/08 to 17/08/14. The closing date of submission is 17/08/14.

Contest Period: 23rd June 2014 - 17th August 2014

Visit the Win With Words - The Star website for more details.

If you are free and patience, please join, it's going to be fun!

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