Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Badminton All England - CHINA : Simply Amazing!

CHINA, after closed their down for some military secret training and skipped the 1st ever Super Series Grand Finals last year as well as the first 2 Super Series league this year, they start their campaign in the All England Championships in superb fashion.

For the first time in the modern badminton days, China have managed to clean sweep all the 5 titles at stake. In fact, the last time a country managed to achieved such feat was Denmark back in 1948, that's more than 50 years ago. As usual, Lin Dan trashed our Datuk Lee Chong Wei again and former world junior champion Wang YiHan stunned defending champion Tine Rasmussen in a huge upset. All the 5 matches were simply nice to watch, except for the sorry Datuk Lee's one. The men's double, mixed double game were quite tough call, while other countries are still lagging behind in terms of quality in the women's double.

One thing for sure, the 3 months intensive training really did the magic and brings out the hunger and determination in them, leaving other countries and players in their trails. One would wonder how on earth will Malaysia gonna catch up with them :)

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