Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hypertension on the increase for Malaysians...

Adult Malaysians generally are unaware they suffer from hypertension...and the statistics keep rising.

A random health screening held 2 weeks ago of 100 adults showed that 44 per cent suffered from hypertension and were not undergoing treatment.

The percentage merely confirmed what the health ministry knew all along, adding that three years ago, the ministry carried out a mobility survey and found out that 43 per cent of adult Malaysians suffered from hypertension.

In a survey in 1996, the figure was 33 per cent. So, it's obvious more and more Malaysians have hypertension.
Some of the symptoms of hypertension can include:


-being tired all the time

-blurred vision


-ringing in the ears

-chest pain

-irregular heartbeat

-feeling of confusion off and on

-heart failure

If you experience any of these signs and symptoms of hypertension, get to your doctor immediately. Don't wait until it's too late. Your doctor can perform tests and get you on treatment that will reduce the risks of this deadly disease.


HL said...

More youngers that get stressed at work will have high potential to get hypertension, so get more exercise yea !!

BH said...

Yup, control a bit on the food we consume, drink more water and of course exercise more especially people like us always sit in the air-cond office :)

HL said...

food consumption ? u are talking about urself ? :p