Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gurney Drive Clean Up Campaign 29th March 2009

The Star 24th Mar 09

THE dirty stretch of beach along Penang’s famous Gurney Drive promenade will be a thing of the past with the launching of the ‘Brighter Penang Campaign’ by the state government this week.

Pulau Tikus assemblyman Koay Teng Hai said the two-day campaign would include sprucing up the road and pavement at the Gurney Drive promenade from 8am on Sunday.

The project, he added, was conceived to raise civic consciousness and cleanliness awareness among Penangites as well as to get the community involved in the project.

“Cleaning up public and tourism spots should not be the sole responsibility of the local council but a shared responsibility with the public.

“The promenade stretch at Gurney Drive is a famous tou- rist spot and we cannot allow it to be dirty and strewn with rubbish.

“I hope this project will trigger an awareness to keep Penang clean and inculcate civic consciousness among locals who frequent the place,” he told a press conference yesterday.


HL said...

From the pics above, it's really dirty. Recently there are lots of campaign going on to help our planet, good job for those people !! It needs awareness from everyone fo us

BH said...

Too bad the cleaning is only for few hours, but the dirty'ing' is non stop daily actions...

HL said...

hahaha .. make sense too