Sunday, March 1, 2009

A flashback normal Saturday...28th Feb 09

Well, yesterday was another normal Saturday for me the last day of Feb. First of all, I'm not sure whether there's gonna be regular hike yesterday since I didn't managed to IM with my fellow hiker co-ordinator on Friday. Furthermore, there is another hiking trip planned to go to Teluk Bahang there to hike the ChinFarm, therefore I really have no idea what's in store on Saturday. I set off as usual, woke up 6am and get myself ready for the hike and I even told my parents and gf that I'm gonna hike myself in case my hiking gang didn't show up. To my surprise, all of them were there except for 1 fellow member who are going for friend's wedding.

My fellow ex-team mates didn't asked me to fetch him for hike yesterday (so it was actually minus 2 persons) so I straight away left house yesterday. I was expecting a tough hike yesterday since without my ex-teammate, we will have shorter rest coz normally we will wait longer for him. Indeed it was a fast hike for 8 of us together with 2 loyal companions; TuaPui and Mr Brown (they were dogs, but trust me...they are more loyal and obedient than your own kids!!!). When we reached 84, I was bumped into 2 of my colleagues from present company. It was a once off hike for them yesterday. We chatted awhile before parting ways for them are only hiking up to 84 while me and my gang continued to hike to the top. We reached our usual hill top cafe before 9am (around 845am) and as usual, my reward was a cup of nice hot tea.

There were 6 of us together with the 2 dogs when we started our journey back down since 2 left taking cable car. I didn't ask much, assuming they are rushing for time or something. As we came down, one of my gang was very determined to promote me (pull me actually) to join for the MLM talk that evening. I'm sorry but I have to say, I'm simply not interested with MLM. I do intend to look for some extra income, but not sales since I'm not gifted in persuading people. All of us was very fast coming down and when I reached back to my car to change, the 2 that took the cable car was just about leaving. I'm so surprise to see them and they too were having the same kind of feeling. Haha. We proceeded for our fruit juice as normal, and there I met with my course mate, my uni mate and my high-school junior (they were in the same gang, also one-off hiking that day). When we were done and as I was driving back home, I text my gf and she also was surprised that it's only 1030am and I'm already on my way back home. Normally it was 11+am.

I got home, clean up myself, read newspaper and then had my lunch. After that took a short nap and was surfing net and playing my online game and waiting for my badminton session at 6pm when my friend called and said that he's not coming for yesterday's session. Haiz....SMS my other friend who had been missing for a couple of weeks due to sickness and he also can't make it yesterday. Feeling a bit down, I informed my 2 other badminton member that yesterday's session had to cancel coz left only 3 of us.

At night, I was still playing my game 'hardworkingly', but there are some cheaters out there playing as well since the game offers prizes for top finishers, so I am really hoping that the admin can take note of it and investigate and give a fair judgement for those of us that played so hard day and night. My gf went over to Taiping for friend's wedding dinner, so I was watching football while waiting for her call, but then felt very tired and couldn't wait anymore, so I text her for a goodnight and safe journey home before going for my sweet dreams at around 12+am...


Anonymous said...

2 other colleagues from present company?? wonder who can that be?? so semangat-ed?! =P

BH said...

Haha...ppl more semangat than u ler... :P

HL said...

I like the Tuapui and Mr Brown :p