Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time to Switch???

It's always been toying in my mind whether or not for me to change my mobile phone network from the current Hotlink 012 to Digi 016. To me, I felt that Hotlink really cheats...the reason? They do not charged accordingly even though I have set my gf's number in my Activ 10 list. Furthermore, each calls were count based on the 60 seconds block while digi's prepaid only counts on 30 seconds block. This means, with hotlink, even if you speak for 5 seconds, you will be charged 1 minute call rate...how unfair!!!

Now here's one more exciting news coming from Digi:

DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd and Microsoft have started offering Windows Live Messenger (IM), a chatting service, to DiGi subscribers on a free two-month trial basis.

Provided by Sybase 365, Microsoft's reselling partner in Southeast Asia, the mobile version of Windows Live Messenger services has the same look and feel as the personal computer version, DiGi said.


HL said...

then what is the conclusion ??

BH said...

no conclusion...still ding dong

HL said...

ding dong diang ??? :p