Friday, March 6, 2009

US stocks in 12 years LOW

Key notes about yesterday's US market from The Star 6th March 2009:

. Previous session's rally wiped out

2. Short selling - bets that stocks will fall - ahead of the government's Friday employment report exacerbated the losses, slashing 281 points from the Dow Jones industrials and sending all the major indexes down more than 4 percent.

3. The Standard & Poor's 500 index is now down 56.4 percent from its peak in October 2007, making it the second worst slide for the index since its plunge of 86.2 percent from 1929-32.

4. The Dow fell 281.40, or 4.1 percent, to 6,594.44, its lowest close since April 1997.

5. Broader indicators also tumbled.

6. The S&P 500 index dropped 30.32, or 4.3 percent, to 682.55, its lowest close since September 1996.

7. The Nasdaq composite index fell 54.15, or 4 percent, to 1,299.59.

8. The Russell 2000 index of smaller companies fell 21.85, or 5.9 percent, to 349.45.

9. On the New York Stock Exchange, only 235 stocks advanced while 2,887 fell.

10. Consolidated volume came to a heavy 7.28 billion shares compared with 7.51 billion shares traded Wednesday.

My oh my, everyday is new low nowadays...going to hit 6000, and then 5500 soon? In Asia and KLSE today, it's red red color everywhere :p Stay out of the market will be a wise move...

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Pls take good care of ur stock :-)