Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool

Hmm...let's see. It's 1st of April today. Wishing everyone out there Happy April Fool. Well, it's the day to play a prank or joke on your friends and families. Maybe I'm getting old these few years because the last time someone play a April Fool joke on me was few years back. Haha.

Just in case if you are being one of the victims of today's April Fool joke, you don't have to be sad or angry. Treat it as a lucky pick on you being selected. It's nothing to do with whether you are being an easy target or what. It's just for a laugh and joke, please do not take it seriously. Same goes to you my dear if you 'kena' any today...
Happy April Fool day and have a nice day! Cheers !~


HL said...

i kena loh :-( she just tipu my pureness :p kekekkee

BH said...

So make sure you've learn to be smarter yea!!!