Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hmm...good article and wise moves to follow in job hunting :)

Found this article in yesterday's StarBiz section. A very good one for those that are searching for job in our current bad economy situation. For me personally, if you are looking for a job right now, please do not be choosy and accept lower income job first as time passes fast and you might have your house/car/family to feed and mental tough and strong...
Recently laid off or unemployed? Here are some tips to find a job.

1. Research the job market – which industries are hiring and fi ring and in which locations?
Regardless of what stage of a career a job seeker is in, the first thing they need to do is research the job market, says Kelly Services (M() Sdn Bhd vice-president and country general manager Melissa Norman.
2. Register with recruitment agencies and relevant government agencies.
This will give you a headstart.

3. Customise your resume to fi t the job you’re applying for:
Highlight relevant experience and strength in areas that can add value to the company. Write a customised application letter for each job being applied for, detailing why you are a perfect fit and how you can contribute to the company’s vision or success.

4. Widen the net – do not limit search to a particular industry:
Try matching skills/experience in several other industries. That way, you can also add value to your own career in the long run.
Eg: If you used to be a store assistant handling goods and basic store operations, then, with such experience and good communication skills, you can also look out for a job as a telemarketer.

5. Focus on skills/experience that can translate beyond the industry in which you work:
There are certain skill sets or experience that most organisations will always require. Tap into them.

6. Submit your resume on online job boards:
They are always a good starting point for job seekers.

7. Be flexible and realistic:
During these hard times, many companies are asking employees to take unpaid leave, while others have resorted to across-the-board pay cuts.
Adjust pay expectations to the current circumstances as employers are scrutinising head count and cost now more than ever. Also expect to multi task and be prepared to get jobs on a temporary basis.

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This is a good one for those job hunters :-)