Monday, April 27, 2009

Please beware and be alert!

Referring to the poster attached above, one should really be careful of their belongings and financial wealth during these hard hit economy times. There are just too many scams, cheating and any ways that people can think of to part away with your money or belongings.

Recalling this, my ex-colleague told me last week that he got a call from a stranger identified himself as representing some card companies. And my friend was told that now Visa and Mastercard was doing some kind of promotion that enables the members to enjoy special privileges at many places be it dining or shopping. But to be a member, you have to pay rm499 as membership fees. Straight away the moment I heard this, I already told my friend that this was rubbish and nonsense. As far as I know, this trick doesn't convince me at all even if it's true. I explain to my friend in detail about the fishy proposal by the stranger and he himself also called and checked with HSBC and got the same advise of not to believe and participate in such program. After a day, the stranger dares to call back to get the decision from my friend. And more funny is, when my friend rejected the idea, he even asked for reason as he said he needs to report back the feedback of why the user rejected the idea...Scary right?

Last Friday as I was walking along the road with my colleague to go for lunch, a car stopped by and the man in the front passenger seat winded down the window to call at us. There were 4 persons in the car, 2 guys seating in front and 2 ladies at the back. From their face, I believed they are from Middle East. The front passenger guy took out rm100 note handed it towards us asking for small notes of 2 rm50. He said he needed the change to pay for taxi. I was like....Excuse me, aren't you sitting in a private car??!!! What the hell you need to pay taxi for? And even if it's true, which taxi driver will be so stupid to let you go and get change while he waits for you?? Luckily my colleague was smart and straight away shot down the idea by telling the man we do not have the change. Upon hearing this, then man straight away replied OK, shut the window and quickly the driver drove oh my....

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