Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Blues after Raya Holidays

It's 6th October 2008, well it doesn't really matter what date it is but more importantly it's Monday again. Normally many people doesn't like this day simply because it's the first day of work after the weekend. Most of us will still felt hangover from the weekends, not wanting to wake up in the morning and can't get into the working mood today. It's the Monday blues and normally it's the most unproductive day of the week in the office.
Today is a bit special for the fact that it's just after the Raya holidays and since many took last Friday off to enjoy the long 5 days off (2 days public holidays and 2 days weekend) and this adds to the Monday blues. From time to time, I can hear yawning sounds across the cubicles in the office today. Even me myself felt my left eyes were constantly in teary form as the result of football yesterday night till 12pm. Nevertheless, it was a great game between Man City and Liverpool with Liverpool came back from 2 goals down to win the game 3-2.

As usual, many people will get off from work today since it's very tired working on Monday after the well rested weekend. But surprisingly, there were quite heavy traffic jams by the time I left for home around 7+pm which normally happens at around 6pm on Monday evening. My guess will be that of those extra cars because of the raining season. Bayan Lepas area didn't rain today but my house area in Ayer Itam did. Just pray for no rain when I go to work in the morning and during the evening... :)

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