Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Malaysians optimistic on job security...Is it really so???

This is done based on the survey, but that was based on 2008 result versus 2007....Much have changed since then, now everyday you can also hear news about factories or company laying off people. Again I would like to repeat, it's considered very good to have a job right now, so hold on tight. Below are the report from The Star 28th Jan 2009:

Malaysian employees are more optimistic of job security compared with workers in other Asian economies, according to a study by Towers Perrin-ISR.

Towers Perrin-ISR consultant Dr Jens Ballendowitsch said that despite a significant drop of five percentage points in Malaysians’ confidence level on employment security last year versus 2007, Malaysians were still very optimistic compared with employees in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan and South Korea.

The Towers Perrin-ISR database, which contains opinions of more than 300,000 employees, shows 71% of the Malaysian workforce is optimistic on employment security.

“This reflects the highest level of confidence in the region,” he said. “Only 41% of the workforce in Japan and 44% in South Korea have positive opinions in this respect.”

In Singapore, the figure is 66%, Hong Kong 60% and China 64%.

He said the high level of Malaysian employees’ optimism might be a positive indicator for local businesses.

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