Friday, January 30, 2009

Movie Review: Inkheart

I might not be the best to do a review for this movie, however as I do not often patron cinema for movies, guessed I will just pen a few words based on my own judgement.

In my mind before watching this movie, I assumed that this is a adventure, triller or action movie with lots of suspence scene and exciting moments. However, much to my disappointment, it wasn't really up to what I have though about. The storyline was just so so, nothing really special. The cast, led by Brandon Fraser ( I hoped I got his spelling correct ) was relatively unknown to me and I must admit apart from the leading male actor, I do not know any other stars in the movie (pls pardon me).

The movie was around 1:45 hours, and with a happy ending. I do not have any special memory of the movie as I felt it was just a normal movie. Perhaps the settings and casts were good, but the storyline definitely needs to improve a lot!

ps: At the night of the very same night, I watch another movie in my laptop, Superman Returns and I must say this was a much better movie, seriously worth my 2:30 hours watching it :)

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