Monday, September 22, 2008

If The World Without Internet

With the advance of technology and the world without border, internet easily has become the basic necessity among our working society especially those frequent users that need it as networking and communication medium. have you ever imagine if one day you are back to the old days where internet haven't exists? Or perhaps young generation have never ever experience living without internet just like during our grandparents day when car is such a stranger word to them.
For once, I experienced the situation of no internet access today. It was moments after lunch when suddenly my office network server was down for some unknown reason. It was quite common for my office experiencing network problem but after almost an hour and there's still no internet access, it was obvious the problem is not temporary as expected.

Being an IT guy that deals with programming, internet has been my main source of information. Whenever I have doubts or met with dead end in my coding, Uncle Google is always my reference. Also I admitted that I'm not that hardworking type of person that work non-stop, so while I need to take a break from work and relax a bit, I will surf the net to break free. And of course time to time my gal is there to me to chat with.
It's so frustrating being without internet the whole afternoon and evening. No reference, no gf to chat with, no surfing and no email...arghhhh. Many people from the office left early as the result of the network server down. So, productivity affected and progress impacted...What a day...

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