Sunday, September 21, 2008

Interesting Salvo Present from Tun to Paklah

Given the extend of our current political situation in Malaysia where it has become a major soap opera among our very own citizens as well as foreign media. The ruling collision, the independant NGOs, the oppositions surely have things to say every now and then firing salvo against each other. I keep on telling my friends that this ongoing development is even better and more exciting and more unpredictable compared to HongKong's TVB drama.

Was reading Tun Mahathir's blog ( when I came across his latest post with 1 paragraph as follow:

"Actually the present leader's involvement with graft, his support for his son's business, the power he gives to his son-in-law, his well-known sleeping habits, indecision, lack of ability to handle problems, sudden withdrawal of oil subsidy, cancellation of the bridge to Singapore, wasting money on the unused RM800 million (Johor Baru) Customs, Immigration and Quarantine building, cancellation of the railway double tracking and electrification project, the monsoon cup and lots more are what turned the voters against BN."

Well, what can I say? I can't really help but agree on what Tun has got to say...You do your own judgement out there...

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